5 tips to protect your eyes while using smart phone

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Seniors those using smart phone for too long tend to have aches and eye pain, leads to a headache. This is because of the incorrect behavior that we repeated daily. The incorrect behavior causes the fatigue. Furthermore, some seniors use smart phone to read articles or chat with friends continuously for too long with no break, this cause an eye pain.


In this article, Nong SUkH will provide the correct way to enjoy using Facebook, Line , or Youtube without being worried about aches:

1. Take frequent breaks

No matter what the activity you are doing using smart phone. Do not stare at the phone all the time, or several hours. We should constantly rest our eyes for every half an hour. Only turn off the screen and turning to look at something comfortable for the eyes. For example, look outside of the house, look at the green trees, or close your eyes.

2. Do not play phone in the car

Some seniors often read or text using the phone in the car. This is another behavior that causes eye pain. There is a vibration in a moving car that makes the text vibrates as well. Absolutely, reading a moving text is harder than reading a normal text, and can easily cause eye pain.

3. Screen brightness is important.

Screen brightness is important and should always be in balance. In addition to saving the battery of the mobile, it protects our eyes and reduces eye pain as well. The brightness should not be too bright. Furthermore, we should not play smart phone in a room with insufficient light.

4. Artificial tears.

Many seniors may already have eye problems. The artificial tears should be used to moisturize the eyes. Look at a phone for too long can cause dry eyes. Avoid playing in a room with windy atmosphere, or rooms with low humidity. In addition, we should blink often.

5. Adjust the font to read easily, do not have to stare.

If we notice that the screen we are reading is uncomfortable, we should adjust the font size of the phone. Avoid reading too long articles. During reading, you should move and change the posture frequently to be in a comfortable position. This will relax our muscles.



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