5 ways to relieve stress in seniors. To feel young and fresh again!

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Stress is a problem that many people in various ages have to face on a daily basis. It may come from work, personal life problems, and especially from money issue. Seniors tend to be stressed easily because of their health condition and the risk of diseases. In addition, the environment is another factor. Seniors living away from their family or living alone tend to be more stressful. It also causes depression as well.


Nong SUkH would like to introduce some simple methods to release stress. Stress is caused by the condition we create. We can stop stress by just change our attitude towards things. Change the way of thinking to think positively.


In a boring day, try to do the following activities:

1. Sing / listen to music

Nong SUkH believe that music can heal the mind and make us happy. Try to open your favorite music and sing along. Try to concentrate with the music without thinking about anything else. Loosen yourself and forget about things you are worry about. We recommend seniors to choose the positive songs that improve our mood instead of sad songs. 

2. Write a diary.

Writing a diary is like telling a story to a friend. When we have trouble, we have to find a way to express it. Do not keep it until it comes to hurt us. We have freedom to express it out, without bad consequence, in a diary. In addition, write diary helps us balance the mind and be able to recover from stress faster. Then, when we read the diary, we can think back to what happened and the feeling we had in that situation. Consequently, we can review and learn from the past, in order to improve the future.

3. Go outside

Many seniors are stressed from staying alone in the house all day. Stay in the same atmosphere, doing the same thing repeatedly causes boredom. Furthermore, no socialization can lead to depression. To solve the problem, let’s go out for a walk. Senior staying alone may start from walking in the village to talk with neighbors or shopkeepers. Breath the fresh air, feels the wind, and greets people. You may make new friends during the walk. If seniors living with family, let’s invite them to go for a trip in countryside in which seniors can spend time with their children and can be relaxed by the nature. The trip can effectively recharge your energy and clears your mind.   

4. Play with pets.

A pet can be our best friend. We will not feel bored as we have to take care of our pet everyday. For example, bath them, feed them, or walk them. These activity prevent us to stay depressed at home. The pet is a friend to us at any time. They make us happy and smile. Furthermore, pet make us learn how to give, make us feel valuable, and calm our mind.

5. Be humorous

There are many ways to create your own humor. But first of all, we have to realize the importance of smiling and laughing. Laughing easily is good for mental health. Laugh reduces blood pressure and balance hormones level. It also improves our immune system. Laugh reflects happiness. It is not difficult to find the happiness around you. For example, watch feel-good or comedy movies, talk to your best friends, or hang-out with friends.






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