The challenge we’re tackling is the rapid aging of population in SouthEast Asia, and specifically in Thailand. At the moment Thailand has ~14 million senior citizens. Within this group 80% are “Active Seniors”- people fully capable of participating in society, but who are socially isolated, and as result feel lonely, bored, and prone to depression. These mental issues often result in poor health and general deterioration, that could be prevented through a more active and social life.

Through a mix of offline events, online content, and community building both offline and online, we’re creating a unique community that supports seniors, empowers them, and gives them a renewed lease of life. The resulting morale boosts yield significant health benefits, and help prevent age induced ailments.

In two years of activity we’ve built a community of ~40,000 seniors, that keeps expanding daily.

The Younghappy community, content, and events help seniors maintain an active lifestyle that promotes their self esteem, keeps them engaged with their peers, and as a result, supports their wellbeing. We leverage a mix of 3rd party and proprietary technology to maximize our reach and engagement with our target audience. All our activities and development are done in close collaboration with seniors from our community.

Our financial model is based on building up our community and serving as a trusted gatekeeper and intermediary between businesses and interests targeting our demographic. We’re already generating revenue from commercial partners who look to us to arrange events promoting their products and services to our community.

The trend for the region is that senior populations are increasing their relative size in the general population, and as a direct result the importance of impact and opportunity that communities like YoungHappy have must grow proportionally.

We’ve spent the past 2 years learning and working with our audience, and have gone so far as to focus our recruitment efforts for our own team on seniors.

Our CMO, k. Nada is a committee member for Banpanruk, an NGO community for seniors, and has been a volunteer with seniors for years.

Our efforts to date have been validated as follows:

1. We were awarded the UNDP social new gen in Thailand

2. We represent Thailand in Asia pacific YOUTH CO-LAB by UNDP.

3. We received the popular vote for ImpactTech’s 1st cohort in Thailand.

4. We’ve been contracted to be partner of the Thai government’s Thai Health Promotion Foundation to support Digital Literacy for elderly throughout the country

5. We received a grant from the Thai government’s National Innovation Agency