"YOUNGHAPPY" a social enterprise.

The happiness community for seniors.

we provide access to certified senior-friendly services, events and products through our community, content, and events we help seniors maintain an active lifestyle that promotes their self esteem, keeps them engaged with their peers, and so supports their wellbeing.

The Problems and Challenges of the Aging Population

It’s estimated that within 10 years 25% of Thai population, about 17 million people, will be aging.

Of these, 80% are considered ACTIVE SENIORS. While still healthy and able to look after themselves, this population is often excluded from society and forced to stay home, resulting in boredom, depression, and a gradual deterioration of health.


wants to engage active senior, help them maintain an active life, and as a result improve their mental and physical quality of life.

The benefits to individuals and the saving to society at large will literally change the face of the nation.

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The Problems and Challenges of the Aging Population

Our concept is simple - We help senior citizens have more fun, feel more valued, and be more independent through activities we arrange:


For elderly people help them enhance their knowledge, meet new friends and reduce depression.

YoungHappy Time Bank

Encourage and support seniors to volunteer, and increase feelings of self-worth and meaning.

We are social enterprise have both of social goals and business goals

Our financial model is based on building up our community and serving as a trusted gatekeeper and intermediary between businesses and interest partners who target elderly community. We’re already generating revenue from commercial partners who wants us to arrange events promoting their products and services to our community.

The trend for the region is that senior populations are increasing, so this is the opportunity for us to grow significantly.

Active AgEing Index

The Active Ageing Index is a tool to measure the untapped potential of older people for active and healthy ageing across countries. It measures the level to which older people live independent lives,participate in paid employment and socialactivities, and their capacity to age actively - UNECE